Right now, the Venezuelans have many needs. However, thanks to the help of many organizations, groups, and independent voluntaries, ways have been found to relieve the scarcity of food, medicine, basic products and other staples needed for the survival of those in most critical need.

How can you help?

We've compiled a list, thanks to diverse publications and direct contact with these sources, of diverse groups that have set to help in a volunteer basis in many ways. A lot of these initiatives are backed by renown groups in Venezuela. Others, are activities carried out by individuals helping the general public and organizations from abroad. Because the Venezuelan government doesn't authorize formal help from international institutions, the route for humanitarian help is very hard, but not impossible. 

Where to begin?

Directly in Venezuela: 

  • Puedes acudir directamente a sitios de acopio en tu ciudad si te encuentras en Venezuela. 

From Abroad:

We advice that you visit the link that adjusts the most to the group that you want to help. Any kind of help represents a lot to the millions in critical poverty.





Ayuda Humanitaria Venezuela UCAB Medicine and other first aid products. Students and community members aided by UCAB.
#HealVenezuela Medicine and other first aid products. "Salud por Venezuela" administers the assets in needy communities.
Medicine & First Aid for Venezuela Medicine and other first aid products. Med students from UCV for the wounded in pacific protests and marches.
Comparte por una Vida (USA) Basic food and nutricional supplements. Numerous hospitals, day care centers and national schools.
Mi granito de arena por Venezuela Medicine, food and other first aid products. First Aid Units UCV.
SOS Táchira Medicine and other first aid products. Táchira state communities.
#AHandToVenezuela Non-perishable food y basic products. Needy families under the lists of "A Hand to Venezuela".
Salvemos a Venezuela Shipment for medicine collected by international non-profits. Med students aiding wounded in protests.
Venezuelan Student's Message Collects funds for education and publicity of the situation in Venezuela. Diverse international media via Google Ads.
Supplies for Venezuela Collects funds for the purchase of medicine and basic products needed.  "J.M. de los Ríos" Children's Hospital
Justo al Corazon de Venezuela Traditional and Veterinarian medicine, as well as other first aid implements. Sanando Foundation distributes the donations amongst organizations, doctors, elderly homes, orphanages, and other institutions that have contacted them.
Venezuelans Against Dictatorship Protection gear and other implements for the publicity of non-violent protest. Voluntary students in Caracas.
Chalecos Vs. Bombas Implements for the manufacture of protective gear.  For free distribution to protesters in Caracas.
Comunidad Venezuela / My Voice Counts, Inc. Medic implements. First Aid Unit UCV and other voluntary health groups.
Lend a Helping Hand Medic implements, water and non-perishable food. Direct donation - doesn't describe recipient.
Alimenta la Solidaridad Meal packets. Families in critical state around the country supported by the Roberto Patiño foundation.
Comparte por una Vida (MEXICO) Meal packets and medical implements. Needy kids in diverse children's hospitals around the country.
SOS Medicinas Venezuela First aid implements and protein bars. First Aid Unit UCV.
UCV Firefighters Foundation Materials of personal protection, first aid kits and medicine. First Responders from UCV y Aad other rescue groups.
First Aids for Venezuela Shipment of first aid materials gathered in Canada. Diverse rescue groups around the country.
Texas Helping Hands for Venezuela First aid implements and food. First Aid Unit UCV.

If you want to add an initiative that's not listed in this table, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

DISCLAIMER: Our website is not responsible for any of internal processes of these organizations. We merely inform you of these initiatives. Please, contact each entity for additional information.

We don't advocate for violence, nor do we endorse processes that would be misconstrued as elements that generate violent protest and the harm of any individual. 

Please, keep in mind that the Venezuelan government is currently allowed to change the laws and regulations that rule over shipments and the products contained in such. Do additional research or ask your selected organization for more information regarding these current rules.